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Leif Mullican

Leif is a 18 year financial services professional with expertise in finance, economics and financial/business analytics. His passions are his children, drums and healthy living. He started Adaptable Wealth to provide basic financial education while promoting a holistic view of wealth that includes your money, your health & your time. Too many people prioritize their money over their health & their time, & regret this decision once it's too late. You can reach out to him through LinkedIn, Twitter & YouTube by clicking the social platform links listed throughout this post. You can also email him at

Farmland fields

Investing in Farmland: The Ultimate Guide

In a world full of uncertainty, investing in farmland offers surprising stability during both recessions & inflationary periods. It’s long history of generating cash flow & superior returns puts it on the list of assets to own if you’re just looking for stability. However, there are several risks that any prudent investor should recognize. We cover all this & more in this article.